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Competition Rules


There will be 4 competitions a year for all divisions to be held simultaneously. The subject of each will be decided by the committee and will aim to cover a variety of turning techniques with the aim of challenging the members. At least 1 will be an open competition. Any changes to the previously published competitions will be reflected on the club programme page on our web site and additionally highlighted in Turning Points.


We will have three divisions : Experienced, Intermediate and Beginner. Any new member may decide which category they want to enter in the turning competitions. With 4 competitions a year points in each class will be awarded as follows :- 

  1st > 10pts,

 2nd > 7pts,

 3rd > 5pts 

 4th > 4pts

 5th > 3pts,

 6th > 2pts 

 7th > 1pt.

The annual winners in each class will be the turners gaining the most points over the whole year. The winners of the Beginners and Intermediate classes will be promoted the the higher class at the end of the year. Any member may move up a division if they wish

Eligible Pieces

For Open competitions: Pieces made primarily on a woodturning lathe using hand held tools. For the non-open competitions: Specific requirements will be formulated in advance. Pieces must be made during the year before the competition and made by members.

Number of Pieces to be entered

Members may enter up to two pieces in each competition. For all divisions only the highest ranked piece will score points.


Pieces will be entered anonymously and identified by a numbered sticker supplied by the completion organiser. All divisions will be clearly segregated. Club Members will asked to judge each piece and nominate  1st, 2nd and 3rd in each class on voting slips provided. Judgement will be based on qualitatively or quantitatively, on overall impression, design, choice of materials, finish and workmanship. The votes will be counted and the  1st, 2nd, 3rd in each class will be announced.


Rosettes will be awarded to the first three in each division. In addition there will be an annual winner in each category and will given the following trophy to hold for the following year.

Experienced Category :- The Wight Woodturners Silver Quaich

Intermediate Category :-  The Mark Sanger Finial Box

Beginners Category  :-  The Jenny Starbuck Platter 

We would like the Jenny Starbuck trophy to be shown at all of our shows

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