As you all know NORMAL Club activities have been put on hold for the foreseeable future. However many of you will be aware that a closed Facebook page has been set and is working well with more than 50% of the membership already taking advantage of this Facility. If you have not joined give it a go it is well worth the effort, for how to join see below.
Carol is producing an excellent regular Stay Safe Special witch is sent out via Mailchimp to all of our members who have an Email address. Hopefully we can find a way of keeping those without an Email informed.
David Ives has produced a crib sheet on how to set up a Facebook account
Please make use of it because hopefully we will be using this media to help keep members informed and entertained
Give it a go, you can always cancel

Hi We have a new member, Keziah Lewis.

She runs a company called Tact-Isle which sells wooden dolls.

She has asked if any Club Members would like to help her out by turning some basic dolls for her to complete. Here is a copy of her email

Check out her website.  tact isle toys

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