February 2020

Shavings & Chat 

This month it was suggested that we set up one lathe in the annex. The thought behind this move was to try and encourage some of our newer members to have a play on this machine. Being more secluded we hoped that this would remove some of their inhibitions and they would give it a go. However this experiment was a complete disaster as more members congregated around the annex lathe than the one in the Hall which defeated the object of the exercise.

This move also presented more work in cleaning up because we had two areas instead of one. So we do not think it is a worthwhile exercise.

This month we purchased a nice set of Crown Turning Tools that will be available for Club Members to use on Club nights, so there is excuse for not doing a bit of turning 


This competition always throws up a wide range of  entries, and this year did not disappoint.

Star of the show had to be the entry submitted by David Ives 

His Steampunk Blimp was truly amazing, it must have taken him hours to produce I am sure several members did not realise that it was a competition entry !

We had a total of 29 entries altogether, 11 of these were in the beginners class.
It was great to see that several of our newer members felt confident enough to take the plunge and place a piece of their work into the competition, WELL DONE.
The standard of skill shown by all the entrants was very high.
Here is some general photos of the competition tables.
You can find a photo of each entry on the Gallery Page and list of the results on the Competition Results Page